телефон 1 Sadovaya St., Dubki Village
Kingisepp District, Leningradskaya Oblast


is a country guest house

in Leningradskaya Oblast

Scandinavian ambience

meets Russian hospitality

About us

DUBKI - is a guest house located in Kingisepp District, Leningradskaya Oblast.

When creating DUBKI, we relied on the idea of creating a large country house filled with history and the emotions and spirit of its residents.

Our country guest house presents a mix of Scandinavian decor and Russian hospitality.

DUBKI is not only a guest house. It is our vision of life and recreation.

We love spending time with you! And you're always welcome to come over.


About our kitchen

We cook the meals that we like ourselves, as do our guests. We do not have menus. Our cook uses fresh seasonal ingredients every day to prepare simple yet very delicious meals.
Надежность и безопасность

Amidst the nature

We are right by the Gulf of Finland, its wild, uninhabited islands, clear streams and lakes, and the unique landscape of the Kurgal Reserve; places abounding in mushrooms and berries.
Собственный автопарк

Environmental sustainability

To remain in harmony with nature, we use eco-friendly cleansers and provide soap and shampoo in thriftily dispensing bottles, sort our waste and organize volunteer clean-ups around the surrounding area.
Within our grounds

• buildings with stylish interiors
• a comfortable lounge zone
• a wood-burning sauna
• a barbecue zone
• a lawn for sports and recreation
• a playground for children
• a fruit garden
• a free parking area

Hotel rooms

Building 2 and 3
Stylish design and everything you could need for a comfortable, restful stay

Room categories: Semilux, Semilux with a Mini-Garden, Lux.

Room sizes: 18 m2 to 36 m2

Building 1
Cozy country-style rooms with wooden furniture

Standard rooms

Room size: 15 m2


DUBKI is a place where comfort and country life come together
in an exceptional way