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Kingisepp District, Leningradskaya Oblast

Welcome to admire the crystal clear turquoise water. The intensity of the color and transparency depends on the weather conditions.

Thanks to the radon content, these springs have curative properties. In the 19th century, a sanatorium with balneotherapy was established here. People would come from across the country to convalesce and relax amidst the nature. The sanatorium was closed in 1885.

Today, there is nothing but the remains of what used to be Lopukhins' mansion. About halfway between the Upper and Middle Springs, there is a small radon bath.


A monument of 13th-century military architecture. The fortress's undiminished medieval appearance attracts many visitors. This is because it has never been renovated. Only in 2020 was it finally closed to visitors for protective works. Consequently, for now, it won't be possible to participate in the 13th Century War and Peace historic festival. However, you can still take a walk around the adjacent area.
Several scenes from the Three Musketeers were shot here.


Ivangorod Fortress is the very first fortress you see as you enter Russia.

Founded more than five centuries ago by Ivan the Third, Tsar of Russia, it has retained its power and grandeur. There is no other such guest house in Russia that shares its design or equals it in the scale of its construction. All of Ivangorod Fortress's artifacts are genuine and date back to the 15th through the 17th centuries. Today, it is a federal open-air museum.

ATTENTION! The museum is located within the border zone.

Prior to visiting Ivangorod, you must get an entry pass. The site is located right on the border with Estonia, so you must strictly abide by the border control regulations.


This scenic spot is accessible year-round.

During the warmer seasons, you can sunbathe, swim, or rent a boat. The banks are mostly sandy. You can also go fishing. There are lovely piers, from which you can fish more conveniently than from the bank. One of them is 20 meters long!

In winter, you can ski and skate.

On the East bank of Lake Kopanskoye, there is a special spot called the "Bathing Cape." Legend says that there used to be a bathhouse there frequented by Catherine the Great.


A State Natural Reserve.

Coastal meadows, broad sandy beaches, swamps, lakes, dune pine woods — all these are typical of the reserve and support the extremely rich and unique diversity of flora on the peninsula.

It takes a 13-minute drive to reach the nearest beach on the Gulf of Finland.


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