телефон 1 Sadovaya St., Dubki Village
Kingisepp District, Leningradskaya Oblast
The lounge zone ∙ co-working

The lounge zone is our guests' favorite meeting place, situated in the loft of Building 1. In this cozy and comfortable space, you will always find something to do.

Enjoy a cup of tea, snuggle at the window with a blanket, and read a book.

Or you can reserve a table for two and enjoy a romantic dinner with a glass of wine (accompanied, of course, with candlelight).

For groups, we have a selection of board games, things like table football, and an Xbox for video game lovers.

A wood-burning sauna

Enjoy the aroma of the forest, enjoy the relaxing steam of the sauna, and strengthen your constitution with a contrasting shower.

After the sauna, sit down at the table, have a cup of hot tea, immerse yourself into the atmosphere of spiritual balance, and enjoy the lightness of your breath.

Walk out onto the open terrace and grill your food (please, notify us before using this service).

Book your sauna session at least four hours before using the service.

1–2 persons:
RUB 2,000 per hour (at least two hours).
3–6 persons:
RUB 3,000 per hour (at least two hours).
6+ persons:
+ RUB 500 per hour per person when there are over six.

We make sauna besoms
(made of birch/oak branches) right here;
RUB 500
per 2 pcs.

A summerhouse with a barbecue zone
(without using the steam zone
and shower room);
RUB 500 per hour
(at least 4 hours).

Grill zone

On a sunny summer day, we grill our meals on the open terrace, share a table with new and old friends, and admire the sunset.

A large, merry group can rent a summerhouse (with a capacity of up to 50 people), where you use a barbeque, or we can happily cook it for you.

Our sauna has an open terrace with a grill zone too (you can rent it without using the steam zone).

A lawn to relax on

In summer, you can sunbathe or exercise here.

In winter, you can ski or toboggan downhill, build a snow fortress, and have a snowball fight.

A playground for children

Our playground will please even the most rambunctious kids. There is a swing, a sandpit, and sports equipment for children. Each of our little guests can have a great time here.


Get on your bike, go on a little trip along the country road and up Soykinskaya Mountain. It offers a scenic view of the gulf and the pine forest.

You can plot out your own route as well.

We can make a meal for you so that you will have a snack on the road.

Kayak tours

It takes minutes to learn the art of kayaking, even for utter newbies.

It does not require a lot of training, so, in favorable weather, it is absolutely safe.

We offer a few established kayaking routes:

• Lake Kopanskoye and its sandy beaches

• Scenic Lake Glubokoye

• The meandering Sista river with the small villages along its banks

• Finally, the south coast of the Gulf of Finland with its clear water, beaches, and beautiful sunsets


We are right by the Gulf of Finland, its wild, uninhabited islands, clear streams and lakes, and the unique landscape of the Kurgal Reserve; places abounding in mushrooms and berries.

If you love history, you can go on a tour to Koporye Fortress or check out the remains of the Albrecht family estate.



Our country house is an excellent place for all sorts of events. Clear air, the forest, a field for sports and competitions, and the proximity of the Gulf of Finland. Here, you can enjoy the coziness, peace and quiet, and our delicious cuisine.